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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I say hello to this thing called Blog!

Well, I have been threatening to start a blog for a few years now and was given that extra bit of motivation today as I viewed other photographers websites from across the nation. It seems as though everyone has a blog now and something to say. Well...I ALWAYS have something to say and silence is definitely not my best virtue, so here I go. Today I set my virtual foot into into the photographers land of blogging. It is my goal to make this informal and a tool for my clients and colleagues to get to know me better. I refuse to make this a formal, rigid, and "please shoot me now" blog. I can't read them and don't expect you to either. So~ sit back, relax, have a little read, enjoy a few pictures (hopefully on a daily basis), try to get a few chuckles in, and leave me some feedback from time to time on what your thoughts are. This blog is going to be primarily based around my photographs, be it business or personal. At times it may only be a photograph that captures the essence of what the day had to hold. Today this photograph is simply me...as my intro.

Okay now, howdy folks! This is me, here to your left. I chose an informal picture here because this is my natural state...relaxing with my camera in hand. In fact, at times it can be difficult for my husband to pry it out of my fingers. I am married to the most wonderful man and my first real sweetheart. We have a love story that has yet to be matched by anyone...including the Notebook. One of these days I'll put it all down and post it up here for all the world to bask in our glorious love. Yes, I am a sap and proud to be so. I am realistic and a bit sarcastic at times too though. I try to embrace each moment and enjoy the light of each day, regardless of the perceived clouds. Life is short and goes by all to fast, I choose not to waste it with negative thought or negative people. I LOVE my life, I am probably more blessed than I deserve. I have the honor of being married to the most perfect man created just for me, own a home that I am comfortable in, have pets that adore me, and a family that I wouldn't replace for anything.

I have had a camera in my hand since the deceivingly innocent age of 11, which is when I received my first 35 mm. I fell in love with world behind the shutter and have been hooked ever since. I am by no means comfortable in FRONT of the camera and will always say that I belong behind it. I started my professional training around 8 years ago apprenticing from several photographers across the South-East. A few years ago I decided to branch out and go solo. Here I am now, doing what I love and loving what I do! I have never looked back and don't imagine myself ever doing so. Prior to moving to the Greensboro area, which is where I am now located, I primarily photographed architectural advertisements, portraits, and, of course, any music venue or festival I could find. Presently I am placing my attention towards weddings (which I have found myself absolutely LOVING!), senior portraits, and family portraits. I must admit that I miss the excitement of the stage shows and festivals, as well as the solitude and quiet of the architectural work, but I am finding that I am passionate about the intimacy of portraits and the memories cherished in weddings. I hope to see this line sprout roots and blossom into a beautiful business here in the triad. After leaving my roots in the mountains, I am still working on re-establishing myself here. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in my services or pop into my website for more information. www.steshawarren.com stesha@steshawarren.comThis is the first of many, many posts to come. I hope that you all come back regularly and leave me feedback on the woes and wins of my attempt at blogging. So, until next time...
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  1. Welcome to the blog world, lil bit! :)

  2. I love it! I cant wait for the food one! I love food! haha! You should follow my blog too!