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Thursday, October 29, 2009


I am blessed to be married into an amazing family. My dear husband's twin brother is married to a beautiful and loving woman, who just had her first child a mere 6 months ago. Grace was premature and had a difficult and scary first few weeks. With luck, love, and God's will she is growing into an amazing little lady. Grace, just as her name reveals, has received much of it. Just being in this child's presence will brighten someones day and lift your spirit. She is a gift and I am blessed to have her as my first niece. Earlier this week I spent the morning with her mother, Sarah Jo, and her. We laughed and giggled and cooed over the little angel she held in her arms. I had been wanting to photograph Grace since she was still in the womb and was excited to finally get to do so. I'm looking forward to documenting her life and changes. I have no doubt she is going to grow into an amazing woman with the love and Grace of God.

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